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With a blueKiwi enterprise social network as the social hub around which your workday revolves, you’ve got a new way of doing business. No matter where you are, you can share information and easily collaborate across your organisation. By empowering employees to work smarter, you incite positive action—turning your company’s collective knowledge into a formidable competitive edge. Download now.

blueKiwi Overview

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Across industry and business sector, blueKiwi enables all types of organizations to improve their ability to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge across the organization more efficiently. Find out how blueKiwi can help organizations just like yours.View our industry fact sheets.

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Enterprise Collaboration Playbook

Become a master at enterprise collaboration. From A to Z, our playbook explains everything you need to know to build a successful enterprise social network, including: the psychology behind interpersonal networking and collaboration; how to develop a collaborative environment; building a business case for enterprise social software; and finally, how blueKiwi can help you reach your business goals.More

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blueKiwi Survey

Take the enterprise social software test. If you need to bring teams together or enhance employee effectiveness, you’re ready for an enterprise social network. Find out how blueKiwi can help. More

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ROI Calculator

Try our social business networking ROI Calculator. Foster company innovation by joining the social business revolution by finding out how much blueKiwi enterprise social software can save your organisation.  More

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blueKiwi White Papers

blueKiwi white papers cover business topics such as the ROI of enterprise collaboration software, the new social workplace, energizing sales teams, and energising employee engagement. More

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blueKiwi Manifesto

Read the blueKiwi Manifesto and learn how mid-size companies can turn social business collaboration into opportunities for innovation.More

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Watch a short product video to see how blueKiwi’s business and social networking software can make a difference in your organisation or view a customer testimonial to see how blueKiwi solves real world business issues.More